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Install LFS in VirtualBox

  1. Create a New VirtualMachine (Setting operating system to Linux and Version to Linux 2.6)
  2. I’m going to use Ubuntu for the Host System so download the latest iso.
  3. Go to Settings on the VirtualBox -> Storage. Select the CD IDE controlller and point it to the ISO file. Also check the live CD checkbox.
  4. Boot up the VirtualBox and you’re ready to go (I prefer to use the commandline so hit ctrl + f1 bring up your first tty).

Follow along with the book

For the depencies and the latest ubuntu I needed to install patch, texinfo, m4, gawk, bison (sudo apt-get install patch texinfo m4 gawk bison).

Followed the book with no problem except at the end if it complains about unknown filesystem type devtmpfs you’ll want to recompile your kernel according to